Barcelona Bus

The numerous bus services operated by TMB in Barcelona form part of a reliable and easily accessible transport network during your time here in the city.
Multi-use tickets (the most common is the T-10) can be used not only on the buses in Barcelona, but also on the FGC trains, tram and metro services, therefore allowing you to connect different forms of transport to travel easily around the city.
Unless you are buying a ‘bitllet senzill’ (Single Journey Ticket), which you can buy from the bus driver, insert your T-10 (or other ticket) into the top of one of the machines near the front of the bus. This will then return your ticket and charge you for your journey. You can only buy T-10 tickets at the underground metro and FGC train stations.
Price for a Single Ticket = 2,15 €
Price for a T-10 ticket = 10,30 €
Children under 4 travel free on Barcelona buses as well as on metro, FGC trains and trams.
Most of the bus services in Barcelona operate between 05:00 and 00:00. Outside of these times it may be possible to use the ‘Nit Bus’ (Night Bus) service along selected routes. The Plaça Catalunya square is the main hub especially for the night buses.
Buses in Barcelona make for the perfect way to travel  ‘above ground’ around the city as they are affordable and frequent, as well as offering views which you would otherwise be unable to see on the underground transport services!
You will notice many bus stops around the city and at first this can seem a little daunting, yet if you remember a few key things, it is possible to navigate the system like a pro within your first few hours here!
Firstly, take note of the numbers which will be displayed upon the side (usually at the top) of a bus stop. These are the route numbers of the buses servicing a particular stop. If you already know which bus route you need, take a look at the timetable inside the bus stop which will show a simple map of the route to be taken.
Board a bus using the front doors, unless you are accessing with a wheelchair in which case you can board using the special ramp at the rear door.
You can very easily plan your journey here.
If you need to work out which bus you need to catch, head to the glass panels on the outside (rear) of a bus stop for a large map displaying all of the bus routes and stops across the city. By doing this, you can identify the correct stop you need.
Or click on the Bus map here below and check what bus lines stop in your area.

Keep your eyes open! Using the buses in Barcelona gives you a great opportunity to spot some things you might later like to visit!