Barcelona FGC Trains

The Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) trains are a method of underground transport separate to the Barcelona Metro, although it does share links with the Metro services in numerous stations.
When arriving at one of the various FGC stations in the city, you will of course require a ticket. There are numerous options for this which should be considered depending on your length of stay and intended usage. To buy a ticket you will need to go to one of the large, yellow touch-screen machines armed with a credit/debit card or cash. Just a small point, beware of using large notes when paying for a ticket, as the machines will only dispense coinage as change. Many a ‘newbie’ are left with a ton of €1 coins upon paying with a €50 note!
A single ticket (bitllet senzill) and multi-use integrated tickets can also be used on the FGC network. That is to say that tickets such as the T-10 are permitted for use on FGC journeys. You can buy a T-10 and other types of transport ticket at the Metro and FGC automatic machines.
Price for a Single Ticket = 2,15 €
Price for a T-10 ticket = 10,30 €
Children under 4 travel free on Barcelona FGC trains as well as on buses, metro and trams.
Using a T-10 ticket for a metro journey allows you to access the FGC without having to pay twice and it also works the other way round. You have to insert the ticket in the machine but you won’t be charged again.
As is the case for bus and metro journeys in Barcelona, the T-10 ticket allows you to make other journeys without having to pay again, provided that you do so within 1 hour and 15 minutes after the first time you paid.
The Barcelona FGC system is in operation from 06:00 until 00:00 on weekdays and on weekends and public holidays until 02:00.
In addition to its services in Barcelona city, the FGC also operates funicular lines in Barcelona and several mountain railways in other parts of Catalonia.
The Barcelona FGC Train system is fully wheelchair accessible as well as prompt, reliable and easy to use. FGC stations can be identified via their large orange signs which will also display that particular station’s name. These signs are different from the red ‘M’ signs which indicate a Metro station.
Using the Barcelona FGC Network:
Make sure you have worked out a route on the wall-maps provided (or take a free leaflet map which are available at most stations) and head towards the electric barriers. Insert your respective ticket into the slot and ‘open-sesame!’ You are now ready to step aboard.
Each line has trains which run in opposite directions and you need to ensure you go to the correct platform. The stops corresponding to your train’s direction are displayed on the wall en-route to the platform. When the train approaches it will come to a halt and it is important to remember that it is your responsibility to open the doors via either a button or handle. The doors do not automatically open and likewise, this is the same when the train comes to a stop at your destination station.
Things to remember:
KEEP YOUR TICKET EVEN IF HAS RUN OUT OF JOURNEYS! Some stations require ticket validation when you are EXITING. If you cannot provide a valid ticket to an inspector or machine you may be subject to a whopping fine!
Keep away from the edges when you are on the platforms. Keep an eye on the ‘light-up’ route maps which are above the train doors and onboard automatic announcements. They indicate when you should be getting ready to leave the train.
Are the FGC trains in Barcelona safe?
The FGC is safe, clean and reliable, yet it does come with a pickpocket every now and then. Do not give them an opportunity. Move your wallets and purses to an inside pocket and keep your bag/camera firmly in front of you when travelling on busy trains.
Click on the FGC Trains map here below and check what stations are in your area.