Barcelona Language and Culture

Whether you have arrived already or you are currently planning your trip to Barcelona... There are some things you might like to know about the language here!

Firstly, and to some, most surprisingly, is the fact that the first language in Barcelona is not Spanish! It is actually a language called Catalan! These two languages are quite different and both stem from Latin. Catalan is the co-official language in Catalunya as well as other autonomous communities of Spain, which include the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community where it is known as 'Valencià'.
It should be noted that Catalan is not a Spanish dialect and this can be quite a sensitive issue for the Catalans.

Catalonia, boasts more than 1000 years of history and this has left an important mark on the people, who are very proud of their origins and of being Catalan. The inhabitants of Barcelona are descendants from those who enjoyed prosperous years in the Middle Ages and many of them suffered years of oppression even in the middle of the last century.

Not many people know that one of the oldest Parliaments in the world is the Catalan Parliament. This is what Mr. Pau Casals told the audience at the Assembly of the United Nations in 1971, before performing his marvellous piece  "El Cant dels Ocells" (the Song of the Birds).

Today Catalonia has four provinces: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. Throughout the years this Nation in the Spanish State has been a welcoming land and the Catalans are more than happy to receive tourists from all over the world.

The Catalan people enjoy showing off their gems from the ancient past, as well as offering visitors enjoyable things to do and see.

This being said, if you have been brushing up on your Español prior to your trip to Barcelona... Do not fret! The vast majority of Catalan people can of course speak the Spanish language. Here you will find a nice list of the basics to get you started. Do not be scared to try some out when you are visiting Barcelona!

You will be surprised at the amount of help you receive upon trying out a new language with the "natives". It is lots of fun to try and you never know... Maybe you are about to uncover a hidden talent!

English Catalan Spanish
Hello Hola Hola
Goodbye Adéu Adiós
Please Per favor Por favor
Thanks Gràcies Gracias
Thank you very much Moltes gràcies Muchas gracias
Good morning Bon dia Buenos días
Good afternoon Bona tarda Buenas tardes
Good evening Bona nit Buenas noches
How are you? Què tal? Qué tal?
See you later Fins després Hasta luego
See you tomorrow Fins demà Hasta mañana
Have a good time Que vagi bé Que vaya bien
My name is... Em dic... Me llamo...
What time is it? Quina hora és? Qué hora es?
Today Avui Hoy
Yesterday Ahir Ayer
Tomorrow Demà Mañana
Good Bien
Bad Malament Mal
Monday Dilluns Lunes
Tuesday Dimarts Martes
Wednesday Dimecres Miércoles
Thursday Dijous Jueves
Friday Divendres Viernes
Saturday Dissabte Sábado
Sunday Diumenge Domingo
Day Dia Día
Week Setmana Semana
Month Mes Mes
Year Any Año
Open Obert Abierto
Closed Tancat Cerrado
Room Habitació Habitación
Bed Llit Cama
Kitchen Cuina Cocina
Bath Bany Baño
Waiter Cambrer Camarero
Breakfast Esmorzar Desayuno
Lunch Dinar Comida
Dinner Sopar Cena
A lot Molt Mucho
Little Poc Poco
How much is it? Quant és? Cuanto es?
The Bill El compte La cuenta
Do you accept credit cards? Accepten targetes de crèdit? Aceptan tarjetas de crédito?
Cheap Barat Barato
Expensive Car Caro
Pharmacy Farmàcia Farmacia
Market Mercat Mercado
Post office Correus Correos
Stamp Segell Sello
Help Ajut Ayuda
Bread Pa Pan
Water Aigua Agua
Beer Cervesa Cerveza
Wine Vi Vino
Meat Carn Carne
Ham Pernil Jamón
Chicken Pollastre Pollo
Fish Peix Pescado
Cheese Formatge Queso
Fries Patates fregides Patatas fritas
Rice Arròs Arroz
Vegetables Verdures Verduras
Salad Amanida Ensalada
Onion Ceba Cebolla
Pebrots Pimientos
Mushrooms Bolets Setas
Nuts Fruits secs Frutos secos
Cake Pastís Pastel
Ice cream Gelat Heado
Sweet Dolç Dulce
Spicy Picant Picante
Calent Caliente
Cold Fred Frío
A coffee pleae Un cafè sisplau Un café por favor
A cup of tea please Un te sisplau Un te por favor
A table for two Una taula per dos Una mesa para dos
Can I see the menu Podria veure el menu Podría ver el menu
One Un Uno
Two Dos Dos
Three Tres Tres
Four Quatre Cuatro
Five Cinc Cinco
Six Sis Seis
Seven Set Siete
Eight Vuit Ocho
Nine Nou Nueve
Then Deu Diez
Vint Veinte
Thirty Trenta Treinta
Fourty Quaranta Cuarenta
Fifty Cinquanta Cincuenta
Sixty Seixanta Sesenta
Seventy Setanta Setenta
Eighty Vuitanta Ochenta
Ninety Noranta Noventa
One hundred Cent Cien
Five hundred Cinc-sents Quinientos
One thousand Mil Mil
Ten thousand Deu mil Diez mil