Barcelona Taxi

Barcelona has a fantastic taxi service, with taxis available 24/7. Taxis in Barcelona can be identified by their distinguishing colour scheme of yellow on black.
Taxis can be flagged down anywhere in the street at any time of day or night, but if you don’t want to wait around and risk missing your flight or an important appointment it’s best to book your taxi in advance.
A taxi with a green light on top will stop for you. If you see a 'yellow' light on an approaching taxi, it is already on a fare.
Rates are officially established and have to be shown on the taximeter. Be aware that officially established additional surcharges will be added for airport trips, train station pick-ups and for each individual piece of luggage. Details of these surcharges are displayed on a sticker inside the taxi. If in doubt ask for a receipt.
There are also some taxi companies in Barcelona with limousines to hire, a 24 hour service and VIP class services. Some of them also organise private tours within the city and its outskirts in your own language!
Find here below some of the taxi companies in Barcelona where you can call and book in advance your transfer to the airport.

Novo Taxi

T. +34 935 171 138 and +34 627 226 587

The team of drivers from the Barcelona taxi company, Novo Taxi, offers a wide range of services such as transfers to and from Barcelona city and Barcelona, Girona and Reus Airports. >>read more

Radio Taxi 033

T. +34 932 134 131

Using the highest technology available, this taxi company in Barcelona offers some of the most reliable services in the city. The use of automatic notification systems allows them to immediately contact clients to inform them when the taxi is ready .>>read more

Catalunya Taxi

T. +34 667 680 794 and +34 931 521 632

Taxi services in Barcelona city and transfers to and from Barcelona Airport. PayPal can be used to pay when taking a Catalunya Taxi. Book a taxi in advance from Catalunya Taxi by e-mail at or directly at Catalunya Taxi.

Radio Taxi Barcelona

T. +34 932 399 111

With several sizes of taxi, including minibuses, Radio Taxi Barcelona offers personalized services such as the following: >>read more

Taxi Mercedes Barcelona

T. +34 932 426 398

Luxury and comfort is what is provided by the upmarket fleet of taxis operated by Taxi Mercedes Barcelona. This renowned Barcelona taxi company will ensure a reliable transfer within the city, to and from Barcelona Airport, the port, train station or wherever you need to go outside the city. >>read more

Remember that it may not be necessary to spend extra Euro's on a taxi. You may be able to find the perfect route in the city using buses and metro in Barcelona and for late night journeys you can use the city’s safe and frequent night bus service, the Nit Bus.