Driving in Barcelona - Tips and rental companies

To get around Barcelona, you might want to consider renting a car directly at Barcelona airport or collecting it in the city upon your arrival. Either of these options is easy and convenient.
In fact driving in Barcelona is not that difficult due to the distribution of the streets. The grid design of the city centre district makes it easy to find your way around, although it is not the same everywhere and many areas in the old city streets are pedestrianised.
The following car hire companies have several offices in the city, Barcelona Airport and Sants Estació main train station, offering the possibility of hiring a car at anytime and anywhere. We highly recommend you that you book well in advance, especially during the summer season when demand is high.


T. +34 902 180 854

Several locations in the city, main train station Sants Estació and at the Airport of Barcelona, El Prat.

Book better your car in advance at AVIS.


Several locations in the city,  main train station Sants Estació and at the Airport of Barcelona, El Prat.

Book better your car in advance at HERZ.


T. +34 902 119726

The office and pick up point is next to the Airport of Barcelona El Prat.


Several locations in the city, main train station Sants Estació and at the Airport of Barcelona, there is one office in each terminal.

A series of stringent legal restrictions and requirements should be taken into account when driving a car in Barcelona. The use of front seat and backseat seatbelts is obligatory on all routes. Children younger than 12 years of age and with a height of less than 135cm must not sit in the front seat and should use car seats or booster seats suitable for their age, weight and height. Drivers are required to have a reflective vest in the car to wear in case it breaks down, as well a spare pair of contact lenses and glasses. Check that your car hire company provides reflective vests and red warning triangles in the car in the event of breakdown.
In Barcelona, you drive on the right side of the road and the maximum level of alcohol permitted is 0.25 gr/l. Police breathalyzer controls are frequent, especially during the night.
However, once you are actually in the city of Barcelona, driving a car is not always the best option due to frequent traffic jams and expensive car parking. Barcelona’s bus and metro system will take you everywhere and can be much less stressful!
Barcelona is also renowned for its high number of motorbikes, which can be a hazard for a car driver! Note that the use of motorcycle and moped helmets is also obligatory, this also includes pillion riders. 
In recent years the number of people using bikes to get around the city has increased, mainly due to the fact that they are cheaper and more environmentally-friendly. Barcelona also has a shared bicycle system known as bicing, operating throughout the city as a method of public transport.