Barcelona Airport: AEROBÚS: Transfer Bus between Airport and Plaça Catalunya

The Aerobús bus service with lines A1 and A2 connects both T1 and T2 with the city centre of Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya) and departs every 5-10 minutes, every day of the year.
In around 35 minutes you can travel to or from central Barcelona in comfort. The Aerobús covers strategic stops and it is potentially the best method of making your airport transfer in Barcelona.
A1 - Connects to T1 only.
Terminal 1 (Airport) to Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona)
From 06.10 h to 07.30 h every 10 min.
From 07.30 h to 22.25 h every 5 min.
From 22.25 h to 01.05 h every 10 min.
Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) to Terminal 1 (Airport)
From 05.30 h to 06.50 h every 10 min.
From 06.50 h to 21.45 h every 5 min.
From 21.45 h to 00.30 h every 10 min.
A2 - Connects to T2 only.
Terminal 2 (Airport) to Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona)
From 06.00 h to 07.00 h every 20 min.
From 07.00 h to 23.00 h every 10 min.
From 23.00 h to 01.00 h every 20 min.
Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) to Terminal 2 (Airport)
From 05.30 h to 06.50 h every 20 min.
From 06.50 h to 22.20 h every 10 min.
From 22.20 h to 00.30 h every 20 min.
Although a bit more expensive than the number 46 bus and RENFE train, the Aerobús has space for your luggage, all vehicles are adapted for wheelchair users and also, it does not require you to make any changes en route!
At T1 you can find the Aerobús stop right outside the terminal building. Likewise, you can grab the Aerobús from outside T2 at all three areas; A, B and C.
Single ticket = 5,90 € valid per person and luggage up to one hour after purchasing.
Return ticket = 10,20 € valid per person and luggage, up to 1 hour after purchasing for the going trip, and up to 9 days after purchasing for the return. You must keep the ticket in order to exchange it for the return ticket trip.
You cannot book your tickets in advance but may buy them from the staff present at the various Aerobús departure points or alternatively you can just pay the driver.
Note that only cash is accepted and encashment change is up to 20 €.
If you are at a departure point with no staff members, you will find a machine and in that case you can pay with credit card.
Children under 4 do not need to pay a fare, yet persons aged 4+ will all be expected to pay the same rate. Animals are permitted on the Aerobús, providing they are in boxes/cages. Hearing and seeing-eye dogs are of course permitted too.
Please be aware that your ticket for the Aerobús is NOT transferable to another form of Barcelona public transport, nor will a T-10 ticket or a T-Dia grant you access to the Aerobús.