Barcelona Churches, Cathedral of Barcelona

Also known as ‘La Seu’, this grand cathedral dates back to 1298 and is arguably the main spiritual centre of Barcelona. Architecturally, it is a mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque styles given the fact that it has been altered and added to over the centuries. Located in the Gòtic district of the city, Barcelona’s cathedral impressive, winding spires can be seen throughout the area.
This famous Cathedral features large, sweeping arches, bell towers and a beautifully decorative interior with its centre piece being found in a piece of art depicting the crucifixion of Jesus. Dedicated to the Catholic denomination, the Cathedral of Barcelona is one of Spain’s most impressive holy buildings. The most well-known part of the cathedral is the impressive fourteenth century cloister housing white geese which have been kept there for over five hundred years.
According to a tradition started in Barcelona cathedral during the XVI century, several towns in Catalonia celebrate the Corpus Christi with a “dancing egg” (l’ou com balla). An empty egg is placed over a water jet in the cathedral’s cloister fountain and turns without falling, giving the illusion that it is dancing.
Visitors to Barcelona cathedral can visit the Chapel for free and also enjoy a museum tour. One of the best features for visitors is the opportunity to take an elevator ride to the rooftops of the Cathedral for some fantastic photo opportunities of the surrounding area.
The Barcelona cathedral is one of the most beautiful medieval churches in Barcelona, including Santa Maria del Mar, Santa Maria del Pi, Sant Pere de Puel.les, Sant Pau del Camp and the cloister of Pedralbes.
Pla de la Seu, s/n. (08002) - Old CityEl Gòtic District
T. +34 933 428 262
Bus: 14, 17, 19, 40, 45, 59, 91, 100, 120
Metro: L4 (Jaume I) or L3 (Liceu)
  • Weekdays and Saturdays
08:00-12:45 (Cloister: 08.30-12.30): Free entry
13:00-17:00: Entry with donation (*)
17:15-19:30 (Cloister: 17.15-19.00): Free entry
  • Sundays and Holidays
08:00-13:45 (Cloister: 8.30-13.00): Free entry
14:00-17:00: Entry with donation (*)
17:15-19:30 (Cloister: 17.15-19.00): Free entry
Choir visit ticket price:
Single: 2,80 € per person
Groups: 2,50 € per person
Rooftop visit ticket price:
Single: 3,00 € per person
Groups: 2,50 € per person
(*) Donation ticket price:
• Single: 6 € per person
• Groups: 4 € per person
This donation includes visits to the museum - Chapterhouse, the Choir and Rooftops.