Barcelona Districts: Nou Barris

The name of the Nou Barris district in the north of the city means nine neighbourhoods, but in fact it is made up of some more. 

During the 1960s and 1970s this district housed many immigrants arriving from the south of Spain, leading to fast and chaotic urban growth.

The Nou Barris district has always been considered a modest area and today prices for flats are the lowest in the city.

Its central park and the Pi i Molist Avenue have been modernised in recent years and if you want to avoid the tourists and feel like a real local, just go for a stroll around the area and discover the small traditional shops.

You will also find interesting buildings such as the Torre Llobeta or Ca l’Artés, both constructions dating from the XV century.

Several aqueducts, some of them hidden among buildings but nonetheless interesting to discover, such as the Dosrius and El Vallès aqueducts, can be found here.

Like any other district in Barcelona, Nou Barris is well connected by public transport such as bus and metro (L3, L5 and L4).

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