Barcelona Districts: Old City: El Gòtic

This is most definitely one of the most beautiful areas in Barcelona and blends a mix of the city’s medieval and Roman ancestry with a gentle sway of modernisation.

Perfect for a nice stroll at any time of the day or night, the Gothic district provides a wealth of eye-pleasing architecture as well as traditional Catalan Restaurants, Bars and Shops. Do be careful after a couple of glasses of Cava however because the streets here can become a bit of a labyrinth at the best of times!

The Gothic district is rich in picturesque squares and tight walkways and there can be seen some of the most ancient ruins, such as part of the Roman wall or the Plaça Reial square, found just off Les Rambles, which is lined by street lamps designed by Gaudí.

The Cathedral of Barcelona is located in a square which is a meeting point for locals who on special days or just on a normal Sunday, dance the "Sardana", a traditional Catalan dance. Other important churches in this district are Santa Maria del Pi and Basílica de la Mercè, both very beautiful and emblematic for the city.

The central point of this district is the Plaça Sant Jaume which houses La Generalitat (the Catalan government hall) and l'Ajuntament (the Barcelona city hall).

Right next to the Generalitat on the left is the old Jewish neighbourhood known as the "Call Jueu". During your stroll around the narrow streets in this area you will discover the oldest synagogue in Europe.

The Plaça del Rei, (King's square), is a fantastic gothic complex of buildings that includes the "Saló del Tinell", the Santa Àgata Chapel and the "Palau del Lloctinent". Colombus was received there after his first trip to America.

Art lovers in this section of the city can also find several Art Galleries as well as the Picassso Museum and some historic restaurants which were a popular hang-out for artists, including Pablo Picasso, Ramon Casas or Santiago Rusiñol, are also in this area.

                                   Les Rambles                                                                                 Plaça Sant Jaume