Barcelona Districts: Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

This district of Barcelona encompasses several neighbourhoods which are Sarrià, Sant Gervasi, la Bonanova, el Putxet and les Tres Torres. Lesser known for their attractiveness to tourism, these areas are better known for their residential qualities.

Real-Estate prices in the Zona Alta range from the affordable in Sant Gervasi to the more lucrative investments found in Sarrià, which is one of the most exclusive places to live in Barcelona.

Situated in the North-West of the city, these neighbourhoods started out as rural zones which were adopted by the Catalan ‘upper-middle’ class. In turn, the region transformed into a wealthy urban area, sporting grand, elegant homes, private schools and religious centres.

You are certainly going to find some more traditional elements of Catalan life in these areas, playing home to some of the older generations of Barcelona’s inhabitants, who will have grown up and raised families here. Still today some old people who live in Sarrià say "we go to Barcelona" meaning that they go to the city centre.

Nowadays this part of Barcelona could be considered a ‘posh’ area in contrast to the highly populated downtown areas. Much of the area contains beautiful houses, open squares, traditional shops and some peaceful, narrow streets.

‘Lower’ Sarrià, as you get nearer to the trunk-road of Avinguda Diagonal is rather more modern and provides numerous retail premises including several department stores, together with hotelsshops and restaurants.

These areas are well connected to the city centre by bus and the Barcelona FGC Trains (L6 and L7).

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