Barcelona WiFi Free

Barcelona WiFi is a Barcelona City Council service located at various municipal facilities and public access points that enables you to go online using WiFi access points or hotspots.

Some of the beaches providing this service are Somorrostro BeachSant Miquel Beach and Barceloneta Beach, in addition to most of the city’s public libraries and several of its museums and parks.
Barcelona WiFi is a service that provides users with simple internet browsing access and, to this end, access to content that can only be made through web browsers.
To access Barcelona WiFi from any of the service access points, all you will require is a device with a WiFi connection and compliance to the general terms and conditions for its use.
To start making the most of the service you should make sure you are within range of the antennas and once you've made a connection using Barcelona WiFi you can then easily type in any website address and browse the whole of the internet, except for pages with content considered ethically dubious. This should be especially noted as any failure to comply with the provisions set out in the terms and conditions of use may result in the Barcelona WiFi service being withdrawn from the user.
Check here for Barcelona Wifi Free Stations and find which are in your District!