Barcelona Beaches: Somorrostro Beach

Somorrostro Beach, stretching 522 metres between the Gas Jetty and the Marina Pier, was originally where the Somorrostro shanty town was located, housing 15,000 people in poverty-stricken conditions.

Nowadays there is no sign of its precarious past and the beach is one of the most popular and emblematic beaches along the coastline.
Popular with tourists, groups and schools, it is conveniently situated near to the metro and bus lines.
The beach has good facilities for disabled people, including easily accessible parking areas, adapted toilets and showers and wooden walkways down to the shore.
The Somorrostro arcade opposite the Hospital de Mar houses the Centre de la Platja (Beach Centre), an environmental and cultural education centre organising activities for all ages such as workshops, storytelling, talks and games.
The Beach Centre also provides information about the beaches, hosts exhibitions about Barccelona’s coastline and lends books, magazines, beach games and sports equipment.