Barcelona Districts: Sant Andreu

In the past the Sant Andreu district was rich in agriculture and comprised irrigated land thanks to the Rec Comtal, a canal running from Montcada to Barcelona and built in the year 954.

Development took place around the high street or carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, which is a former Roman way, and the district was an important industrial area from the end of the XIX century to the middle of the XX century.

Today the district still gives you a feeling of that same dynamism now that it has been turned into a lively commercial area. Like the Nou Barris district, San Andreu is far from touristy, but it is worth a stroll along the carrer Gran de Sant Andreu and the Rambla de Fabra i Puig, both of which are full of shops and cafes and where locals enjoy the restaurants offering more affordable prices than in the city centre.

The district of Sant Andreu is also very well connected by bus and metro (L1, L9 and L10) to the city centre.

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